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für West Coast Swing
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Obsesion1 zuletzt aktiv: vor 5 Wochen
zuletzt aktiv: vor 5 Wochen
Entfernung: 22,94 km, Tanzpartner aus 14476 Potsdam 25 Jahre 1,84m Hey, nice to meet you! I just moved to Germany from abroad and am looking for someone to continue my passion for dance with. I have been dancing for almost half of my life - for over a decade in fact - in Germany, the US, Japan, and the UK. Most of my experience is in international standard/latin where I have competed in a few university competitions. That said, I love exploring new styles to improve as a dancer. I have had a go at Bachata, Contemporary, Salsa, Swing, for example. And Zouk - absolutely check out this one if you get the chance! Talking of future plans, I am open to almos...
Kategorie: Freizeit-Gesellschaftstanz (Standard und Latein), Turniertanz Standard und Latein, Salsa, Discofox, Rock´n´ Roll / Swing / Boogie, Formationstanz, West Coast Swing, Bachata, Kizomba, Sonstige Nachricht senden